Augmented Reality

A technology close to magic

See the world like never before

See the world like never before

3D animations superimposed on images in magazines, newspapers or on posters could only be seen in the cinema ... Today, this can be part of your next communication campaign thanks to augmented reality.

We are in the midst of an experiential marketing revolution, and augmented reality is the heart of it. This highly creative technology has the ability to amaze, surprise and delight users by adding a whole new dimension to our everyday environment.

Face recognition and gestures have become enormously popular; interactive billboards and publications are now widely used as engagement tools in communication campaigns.

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State-of-the-art technologies

Our augmented reality apps run on a wide range of devices, from iPhones and Android Phones to HoloLens and Smart Glasses.

The augmented reality software we use includes ARKit from Apple, ARCore from Google (Android), Unity and Vuforia, but also open source and proprietary libraries as well as content management systems to make tailor-made solutions .

The products we create for our customers help them achieve their goals while accelerating the growth of their business.

We remain at your side and develop your solution from the initial idea to the completion of your project.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is the technique that aesthetically links the digital and real worlds. The integration of augmented reality into a communication campaign brings increased recognition of the brand and an image of modernity and freshness.

What is it?

Augmented reality is the superposition of sound and images in 2D, 3D or videos on reality. This growing technology is now an integral part of the experiential marketing toolbox, providing end-users with a new way to access interactive, value-added information.

AR versus VR?

Unlike virtual reality, Augmented Reality superimposes its contents in the real environment rather than creating an entirely virtual world. Its flexibility allows brands to create incredible, memorable and fun experiences that stay rooted in real world environments.

Who uses it?

The technology was discovered by the general public thanks to the huge popularity of Pokémon Go, but also the incredible Pepsi bus shelter experience or the Tokyo Aquarium Penguin Navi app. With Google and Apple launching their Augmented Reality Software Development Kit (SDK), we see countless opportunities to apply augmented reality technologies to meet specific business needs.


Augmented reality enriches the buying experience and encourages customers to interact more frequently with brands.

Augmented reality can be used for mixed commerce solutions in stores, as a form of interactive advertising, and for in-store browsing.


It can even help customers try products that are not available in stores before ordering.


Event and exhibit organizers can use augmented reality to support live interactions and allow visitors to access relevant information in real time.

By mobilizing participants, event planners offer unforgettable experiences that translate into greater brand loyalty and increased brand awareness through word of mouth.


The integration of augmented reality into education makes learning interactive. It captures students' attention by recreating historical events, explaining physics concepts, or adding additional information about the objects being studied.

Augmented reality applications with educational content can replace expensive learning materials.


Augmented reality allows you to discover the world from many angles. You can easily get information about unknown places superimposed on the street where you are. It is also an excellent navigation tool.

Travel guides and maps can be enhanced with digital overlays that provide additional information.


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