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Our solutions adapt specifically to the activity of your company

Your customized solution

Since 1995, Nexdna has been developing tailored solutions to meet the increasingly complex needs of companies.

By working with companies in Europe, the United States and Asia (3M, Philips Multimédia, KU DE TA, Meritus Motorsport and Western Digital to name just a few ...) we learned to perfectly identify the needs of our customers and meet them with customized solutions including the integration of new organizational structures, business processes and effective management systems.

With our systems, you will easily collect data to help you improve your business. Production, Logistics, Sales, Human Resources, Accounting ... Drive the whole structure through a unique system that will help you collect and use information essential for the development of your business.

We develop the technologies needed to achieve your goals.

ERP, CRM, Sales Management, Marketing, Purchasing, Accounting, Project Management, Logistics, Intranet, Extranet, Training ...

Increase your efficiency thanks to the power of automation
Harness all data for a more relevant analysis
Work with a single system that can handle multiple sites, currencies or languages

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Performance & Results!

Customized algorithms, for each application.
Identify and manage growth opportunities for your business.

Small and large companies, we develop solutions adapted to each company.

Integrated Marketing Campaigns

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Integrated Marketing Campaigns

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Risk prevention, an asset for the overall performance of companies

Discover our pragmatic solutions that make the prevention of occupational risks simple, fast and efficient

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A team of experts at your service

Our dedicated team helps you take advantage of the latest technology to increase your profits, improve productivity, reduce operating costs and increase customer satisfaction.

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