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State-of-the-art technologies that increase your profits

Unique and mobile solutions

Nexdna implements the latest technologies to develop solutions that allow you to increase your profits, improve productivity, reduce operating costs and increase customer satisfaction.

After defining your needs, we create solutions that mirror your way of doing business at an affordable cost.

All the solutions we develop are optimized for multiple devices and browsers.

User experience is at the center of our development from the functionalities of your sites down to the careful aesthetics.

We develop solutions ranging from e-commerce stores to custom enterprise applications, including database integration, CRM, ERP and decision support systems.

Improve your decision-making processes

Our goal is that you get a fast return on investment. To do this, we develop tools to help you improve your decision-making processes, to clearly understand your customers' behavior and to access the various operations related to your business.

We are committed to accompany you effectively in achieving your goals at every key step in your company's life cycle.

We carry out a detailed evaluation of your customer acquisition, management and loyalty procedures in order to make concrete proposals that will boost your performance.


Our solutions enable managers to track key performance indicators in real time through graphical reports and tables.


Synchronize the content of your website or application while simultaneously collecting vital information about your users in your decision support system.


It can be difficult to centralize data from different geographic sites. Our solutions make it easy for you to integrate all your units into a unified modular system.


Review and decide when to launch your marketing campaigns, based on relevant graphical data collected on your decision support system.


No matter what medium you or your customers use, your solution updates are automatic and available immediately when you log in.


Data security is of paramount importance. That's why we build privileged levels of access at the heart of our systems with defined and secure information flows.

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