Take control of your business!

From a simple Customer Relationship Management solution to a full fledged Decision Support System, we can cater for your specific needs.

Reports, Graphs, Charts based on algorythms give you the information you need when you need it.

A combination of tools allow managers to draw a clear picture of the health of the business based on realtime data. Continuous data-mining leads to improvement through out the Company.

Take control of your business with a bespoke Decision Support System.

Decision Support System

Quality, Reliability, and Speed

Nexdna offers comprehensive tailor made business solution to improve the quality, reliability, and speed of management decisions.

We do this by bringing together the people, analytics, and systems required to help your business operate intelligently.

Our solutions takes advantage of state of the art technologies and is accessible from Mobile, Tablets, PC, Mac and Browsers.

We build it so it is simple for you to use not for you to worry about software updates.

We update our solutions without disrupting business or having user update their own devices.

We develop big and small solutions improving the quality, reliability, and speed of management decisions.


We learn how you conduct business across the full spectrum of your operations. We enable you to better manage and reach staff & clients at the right moment to maximise profits.


Our solutions improve the quality, reliability, and speed of management decisions. From content, CRM, Operations to Finance and sales, we customize our solutions to fit your needs.


We leverage the latest technology with an objective to help you gain profits, improve efficiency and boost customer satisfaction.

Unify and collaborate

Harness the power of data mining and realtime communication across your organization.

Collaborate with colleagues on important plans, analyse alternatives using state-of-the-art automation routine and improve overall management decision effectiveness by adding structure, reports and charts to make sense of a normally chaotic process.


Our solutions allow top management to be able to keep an eye on Key Performance Indicators thanks to realtime reports with charts and graphs.


Sync your website content or your App while at same time gathering vital information from all platforms about your users into your DSS.

Multiple outlets

Having multiple geographic sites and venues can be difficult to manage, our solutions integrate all your units in one unified modular system.


Review and decide when to launch marketing campaigns or single out most profitable product or service based on relevant data.

Solution updates

No matter what device you or your customer are running on, updates to your solution are immediate and automatated when connected to your main server.


Security is of paramount importance to us and built at the core of our systems allowing chosen privileges to be set along with direction flow from each platform.

Imrove the quality, reliability, and speed of management decisions!Find out how a Decision Support System can benefit your business.

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