Take your cash register online

The real information you need

Shoppers today come from all kind of channels and on all kind of devices. If you do not cater for those users especially the increasing mobile market, there are substantial earnings being missed.

We help you create the best purchasing experience by understanding your clients habits, wants and needs across all platform be it on your online shop, at your venue or from your mobile App.

All along we gather data that help improve all aspect of the enterprise. Production, Logistics, Sales, HR, Accounting, all in one single system that allows you to correlate information in creative ways and deliver the real information you need.

Information access for everyone

Our solutions takes advantage of state of the art technologies to deliver on Mobile, Tablets, PC, Mac and Browsers, we can update our solutions without disrupting business or having user update their own solutions. We build it so it is simple for you to use not for you to worry about software updates.

Turn browsing into buying, make customers become brand advocates and influence the buying process. We use consumer insight and retail mobile technologies to help you build experiences that connect with shoppers and keep them coming back.

  • Multiple Business Locations
  • Multiple User Permissions
  • Stock Alert Levels
  • Manufacturing & Logystics
  • Inventory / Returns
  • Supplier Record Tracking

24/7 Realtime Central System

On the other side we help you keep all transactions, logistic, HR, Billing and/or production under a single system. Report, Graph, Charts give you the information you need when you need it.

We take great care of interface design, paying attention to whom will be using it. A customer will need a more visual and appealing layout with social media while accounting has a focus on functionalities.

Continuous data-mining leads to improvement through out the company and critically, we can update the solution remotely on all devices at same time or individually.

The combination of those tools allow you to draw a very clear picture of the health of your business based on realtime data.

  • Contacts Management
  • Sales & Purchases Orders
  • Shipping & Receiving
  • Inbound/Outbound Reports
  • Gross Profit & Inventory Value
  • Staff operational efficiency

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