Augmented Reality (AR)

A technology close to magic

See the world like never before

See the world like never before

Videos and 3D animations superimposed on images in galleries, magazines or on posters could only be seen in the cinema ... Today, this can be part of your next communication campaign thanks to augmented reality.

We are in the midst of an experiential marketing revolution, and Augmented Reality is the heart of it. This highly creative technology has the ability to amaze, surprise and delight users by adding a whole new dimension to our everyday environment.

At Nexdna AR Studio we are passionate about Augmented Reality, from designing and producing AR Apps to developing the AR community by providing tools for Artists and Content Creators to better engage and communicate with their audiences.

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AR Dedicated to Fans

Augmented Prints dedicated to supporting fans.

Augmented Art Gallery

Beautiful Augmented Artworks from around the world.

Your Good Times in AR

Bring your favorite memories to life with Augmented Prints.